Authentic Stock Images and Video Can be Exactly What Your Marketing Needs In 2021

Stock Images and Video

Chic marketing design isn’t just about flash, it’s about connecting with your audience in seven seconds or less. This is even more important for small and medium-sized businesses because the competition is likely fierce and often has more resources. But the budget for high-quality marketing materials can be prohibitive for small businesses.

iStock Images and Videos is changing the game by elevating the level of content small businesses can inexpensively incorporate into their marketing plan by providing access to high-quality images and video clips without royalties.

Stand out with a variety of finds.

Popular free stock images have quickly become prominent repeats in online articles and marketing content. In a digital world where you have seconds to make a unique impression on a potential audience, why look like everyone else? iStock gives small and medium-sized businesses the tools to stand out with exclusive images.

iStock has one of the most extensive collections of images on the Internet. Their quality is consistently higher than that of free stock image sites. The iStock catalog, compiled by 160,000 contributors worldwide, is authentic, extensive, and contains high-resolution images that meet the needs of various industries.

Each of these images comes with a license and is carefully vetted to avoid legal problems. Businesses fearing copyright infringement or lawsuits because of recognizable features in stock photos can rest easy knowing that iStock provides a $10,000 guarantee.

Exclusive video content.

Small businesses rarely have the budget to shoot a high-quality, customized promotional video or presentation. Nevertheless, video marketing remains the holy grail: Facebook shared that video ads deliver significantly higher conversions – 30% more.

Smaller businesses that want those conversions don’t need to overpay to get great video content. Companies will find more than just regular footage on iStock. The iStock catalog abounds with 4K and HD videos, sorted by topic to help you find the content you want.

Small businesses know how hard it is to find good video, but finding a huge collection at affordable prices is the marketing win every business owner is looking for. You can mix and match with your own video content or create something entirely from scratch with iStock, exploring stock video options.

The right price for the right ROI.

Premium content usually has just the right price – premium. Developing a huge budget for custom or even stock images when creating content for small business and marketing is not always the wisest choice. Like all business decisions, a budget for stock images should be based on an expected return on investment.

That’s why iStock’s catalog of stock images and videos is affordable. Customers pay a one-time licensing fee and are free to use the image for licensed purposes without any royalties.

Affordability is a top priority: high-resolution images are available for as little as $12. Videos start at $60 for 4K clips. Put together an ad campaign for under $100 and see the clicks start coming in.

If you’re in business and want to expand into frequent image or video marketing, check out iStock’s subscription plans, which allow you to purchase a certain number of images per month for a flat fee. A basic subscription allows you to purchase images for as little as $0.22 each. With plenty of options to choose the number of images you need and the budget you can afford, these plans can be a game changer for small businesses relying on graphic content.

Up your marketing game by choosing more selective stock images and videos from iStock. Your business will only benefit from the authenticity and variety uniquely available on iStock.

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