Guide by Larry Kim: How to Get More Story Mentions and User Generated Content on Instagram

Story Mentions

Before I get to my secrets on how to get more user-generated content on Instagram, I want to introduce you to a brand new tool for Instagram and fully understand why it works so well.

We’ve all heard that getting a new customer can be 25 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. Yet, most companies spend most of their efforts on finding new customers.

It’s time to change that situation!

By knowing how to incentivize and reward customers for participating or sharing your content on Instagram, you can turn your base of loyal subscribers into your biggest revenue generator.

And with the right tools and information, you can do it:

  • Find out who your best Instagram followers are.
  • Test different incentives to share content and mention your brand.
  • And encourage followers to create user-generated content that highlights your products more often.

Just as it’s important to keep your already paying customers happy, the same principle applies to getting more user-generated content on Instagram.

Now ask yourself: “What are you doing to capitalize on every posting of your content or mention of your brand on Instagram?”

If you’re not doing anything, you’re certainly not alone. Most people don’t even know how to see who tagged your brand in a post on Instagram, let alone run campaigns to engage with those who did.

Today I’m going to share with you a new tool that’s almost guaranteed to increase the amount of user-generated content you get on Instagram right now. Not only that, this tool also automatically interacts with people who mention you on Instagram Stories.

Let’s start by introducing you to this tool right now.

It just so happens to be a favorite tool of lead marketer Neil Patel on Instagram as well!

Stimulate more user-generated content with automatic responses to Instagram Story mentions

MobileMonkey’s Instagram Story Mentions tool is a great new tool for brands, influencers and creators on Instagram.

Here’s how it works: If someone mentions your Instagram handle (like @kim_larry) post as an Instagram Story, or if someone tags you in their Instagram Story, this tool will automatically send that person a direct message.

Then, when you post the story, you’ll immediately receive a notification of the direct message. Make sure you do this from a mobile device, as these tools are in beta and don’t work on desktops yet.

How to get more user-generated content on Instagram using the Instagram Story Mentions tool

What exactly to use the Story Mentions tool for is mostly limited by your imagination. The most obvious use, however, is to thank people who mention you in their Instagram stories.

The phrase that keeps coming to mind when I think of this tool and other new DM automation tools, for that matter, is “instant gratification.”

Within moments of publishing a story mentioning your brand, your most active subscribers and fans will be satisfied and encouraged to interact with your content even more in the future.

All you have to do is create a message that you’d like to send to everyone who tags or mentions your Instagram account in their story. Then turn this tool on (also in MobileMonkey) and you’re ready to surprise as well as delight your most active followers!

The best features I see here for marketing professionals beyond “thank you for sharing.”

Encourage more user-generated content from your biggest fans: Use it as an incentive to mention you or your brand. For example, make CTAs in your posts to create user-generated content in exchange for instant rewards. This is guaranteed to result in more user-generated content than a regular post, and your subscribers and fans will be thrilled with what you surprise them with right after they hit the “share” button.

Promotional Offers: Reward people for sharing your brand by sending a link to your latest promotional offer(s). Whether it’s a discount, coupon or other marketing campaign, it’s a great idea.

Promote your most important campaigns: Do you have a big event coming up or a new product launch? Make sure your most valuable followers on Instagram know about it.

Story Mentions can be a powerful tool for both admired personalities and businesses and small businesses on Instagram to build stronger connections with their fans.

Don’t you think your posts would get more subscribers if your CTA read, “Mention @kim_larry in your next Instagram story for an instant 10% discount,” rather than, “Learn more by clicking the link in my bio”? I know it is.

So, let’s get to work on improving your Instagram Story game with how to set up autoresponse tools on Instagram Story Mention on Instagram step by step.

How to set up auto responses to Instagram Story mentions step by step
Automating responses to Instagram Story mentions effectively increases engagement and brand loyalty while attracting traffic to your marketing funnels through the ability to add a link to your autoresponder posts.

Why marketers should use auto-responses to mentions on Instagram Story

In addition to the instant rewards your fans receive for sharing their content, individual influencers and authors, and businesses on Instagram can now instantly send exclusive offers to their most active followers, drive traffic to landing pages, drive additional distribution of their content and more.

Instagram, a visual-oriented platform, wasn’t originally designed with direct messaging scaling in mind. Fortunately, the powers that be have taken notice.

“Personal messaging, ephemeral stories and small groups are the fastest-growing areas of online communication.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Increased demand and attention to messaging led to the merger of Instagram DM and Messenger during a major update of the Instagram API in October 2020. Shortly thereafter, in February 2021, official Instagram automation tools were released in partnership with MobileMonkey, a popular omni-channel messaging automation platform.

Instagram Stories will continue to get the most attention from businesses and brands in 2021, with one-third of the most viewed IG Stories coming directly from business accounts (Instagram).

The new Instagram automation features inherently open up new avenues and tools for social media marketers. I’ll talk about some of them, such as new ways to share a link via Instagram Story.

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