Google product review

Google product reviews algorithm update in 2021

Google has released a new quality algorithm update that promotes outstanding Google product review. Google announced a new Search algorithm update it is calling the product reviews update. This update is “designed to better reward”...
Google Meet

Google Meet Introduces Data Saver Mode in 2021

Google Meet has a new feature that will help you save battery power by restricting data and decreasing the power needed to continue a call. Despite joining video calls from our desktops most of the...
Google Shopping

FAQ: All about Google Shopping and Surfaces across Google in 2021

A Google Shopping guide to free and paid listings and how to increase product visibility across Google. Google shook up Shopping search in April 2020 by including free listings in Google Shopping results. This new...
Google Discovery ad

Google Discovery ads can now use your 4:5 social image assets

Discovery campaigns can also be paired with lead form extensions. Google Discovery ads announced updates at Tuesday. There is now a 4:5 portrait aspect ratio layout that showcases Google Discovery ad images more prominently in...
Talent portfolio

Talent portfolio – importent? The business imperative behind inclusion and diversity in 2021

“Without talent you don't have an agency,” said Dr. Tucker. In the second part of a two-part interview, Lauren Tucker discusses the importance of an enriched, diverse talent portfolio. Dr. Tucker (PhD in journalism and...
Optimize Smart Shopping campaigns

Optimize Smart Shopping campaigns: Manage turnover and margin in 2021

This method can help you take full advantage of the Google bid simulator. Sponsored Content: Adchieve on March 26, 2021 at 7:00 am Optimize Smart Shopping campaigns allow you to benefit from what Google’s automation does...
Mobile Shopping App

Google Shuts Down Its Mobile Shopping Apps in 2021

Google is pulling the plug on its mobile shopping apps for both iOS and Android and redirecting users to its web Shopping site instead. The Google decision will certainly relaunch the debate on the future...
Google Search Console

Google Search Console performance report image impression change in 2021

Google changed how it counts impressions for image search in the performance reporting, you may notice a drop in impressions. Google said on April 6, 2021 it made a change to how it reports within...
Social media 2020

Social media 2020: The top features, formats and trends to get familiar with this...

Video, machine learning, and shoppable posts are among the top trends to look out for in 2020. Last year saw continued growth and innovation in social media opportunities for brands with new features, content formats...
YouTube Ranking algorithms

YouTube ranking in Google. YouTube remains dominant source of video in top Google ranking...

Study found 83% of videos in search results carousel come from YouTube. YouTube ranking in Google. There’s a perception that Google favors YouTube content above other video sites in search results. A July, 2020 Wall...

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