action campaigns

TrueView for action campaigns will be transitioned into Video action campaigns in early 2022

Advertisers will be able to create new TrueView for action ads until September 30, 2021. Beginning in early 2022, TrueView for action campaigns will be transitioned into Video action campaigns, Google announced Friday. Advertisers will...

How to watch Apple WWDC 2021 today and what to expect

How to watch Apple WWDC 2021? Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC, is scheduled for 10 a.m. PT today. Like the recent developer conferences of rivals Google and Microsoft, this year's WWDC 2021 will...
Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping

Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping is back in 2021

A new method for an automated and structural collection of crawl data. Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping: Keywords are inseparable from Google. As an advertiser, we also know that those searches of many millions...

Google’s Lighthouse is now recommending JavaScript library alternates

Lighthouse now serves as a beacon for warning you when your project includes old libraries that have modern alternatives. Using the notion of a lighthouse as a metaphor, Google Lighthouse steers developers away from the...

Smell-O-Vision: This nose-zapping wearable simulates smell using electricity in 2021

Smell-O-Vision: Jas Brooks, a long-haired engineer who looks like he might be moonlighting as a roadie in a high metal band, sat blindfolded in a room with electrodes in his nose and allowed people...
Xbox Series X

AMD Super Resolution is coming to the Xbox Series X. Here’s why that matters...

Xbox Series X: After learning that Nvidia's competitor to AMD's DLSS technology will appear on the company's PC graphics cards later this month via a software update, it was revealed that the company's graphics...

WooCommerce’s integration with Google Shopping is live in 2021

The integration with shopping partners like Woocommerce makes it even easier for retail and commerce partners to reach increased audience across Google's properties. The Google partnership with WooCommerce, originally announced at Google Marketing Live, is...

Has Tesla lost its luxury social status in China?

Can Tesla hold its own in China, or will growing competitors overtake it? Jing Daily took a look under the hood to see what's going on. While the fight for flying cars may still be...
libelous content

Google demotes libelous content in search through its predatory sites algorithms in 2021

Google will continue to try to surface high quality, relevant content while downgrading sites that attempt to exploit peoples' reputations. Libelous content on Google: “In response to Times articles, the search giant is changing its...
Windows 11

Windows 11 could finally bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is going to reveal more about "what's next for Windows" at a June 24 event, but some details about the rumored new Windows 11 operating system may have just been revealed. There is...

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