How to plan SEO content that actually ranks

Learn how to identify metrics for content goals, perform keyword research that drives SEO value and build your content calendar. Content has been king for a while now, but just because you wrote something doesn’t...

A new approach to PPC: A sales process to limit losses and accelerate ROI

By splitting your personas into buyer types, you'll have more targeted messaging and higher conversions. Having spent the last 11 years surrounded by sales leaders, Amanda Farley Partner and Director of Accounts and Digital Strategy...
How machine learning is helping brands

How machine learning is helping brands create insight-led customer experiences in 2021

How machine learning is helping brands? The rise of digital business models has created an urgent need for a consistent approach to personalized communications, and the best customer experience can only be created through...
Mozilla RegretsReporter data

Mozilla RegretsReporter data shows YouTube keeps recommending harmful videos

Mozilla RegretsReporter data: In countries where English is not the main language, the number of messages is higher. That YouTube's machine-learning-based recommendation feed can often produce results that are annoying or even radicalizing is no...
Virtual reality with friends

Laser tag and paintball are so last century. Virtual reality with friends is staging...

Virtual reality with friends: Steve Zhao's business was promising until last year. His company Sandbox VR took over several retail spaces, and people went there to run around shooting zombies, crossing swords with treasure-hunting...
5G Robots

MWC 2021: Verizon Shows Off 5G Robots at Barcelona Conference

5G Robots by Verizon: "5G will allow robots to connect with other robots and devices of all kinds in ways that simply weren't possible before," Verizon said. On Monday, Verizon demonstrated two robots on stage...
Internet Buzzing

5 Ways to Get the Internet Buzzing Over Your Self-Published Book

These proven Internet marketing techniques help authors attract reviews and sales. While there is a lot of value in self-publishing, there is also a lot that can go wrong if a writer takes the plunge...
Light Sharing

Competition: ‘Light Sharing’ Agri-Voltaic Systems for Crop Growth and Energy Generation

Light Sharing by NineSigma, representing a leading energy company, invites proposals for innovative photovoltaic technology that maximizes the use of agricultural land. The technology must demonstrate synergy with agricultural production, allowing the generation of...
Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League launches in United States of America in 2021

The Mobile Premier League (MPL), a cybersports and gaming platform, announced the official launch of the MPL App in the United States. Cy Srinivas, co-founder and CEO of MPL, said: "This is a historic moment...
flying car

Watch this flying car make history with first intercity flight in 2021

A car that can fly in the sky and drive on the road made a landmark journey this week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zomcXYwHrQk Stefan Klein, founder and CEO of R&D company Klein Vision, drove his AirCar prototype to Nitra...

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