The Email Marketing Periodic Table: Manage deliverability and optimization like a scientist in 2021

Email Marketing Periodic Table

This new resource gives marketers an idea of the elements that make up good campaigns.

Email has long been one of the most trusted marketing channels for getting your message out to customers. Whether it’s content in the form of a weekly newsletter, a personalized promotion or an important account update, marketers need to make sure their message is delivered and that they’ve optimized those messages for maximum engagement. That’s why MarTech is releasing an updated Periodic Email Marketing Chart today that tells you everything you need to know about sending emails that your customers will want to receive and that won’t get blocked by inboxes.

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Since e-mail is one of the most complex ways to communicate with customers and potential customers – through various e-mail clients, different Internet service providers, mobile and desktop computers, etc. – there are many obstacles that can come between you and your recipients.

Each element in this table represents a factor you need to consider in order to succeed in email. The elements are organized into categories based on their relationship to each other, and the categories are labeled as either related to optimization or deliverability. Next, you’ll see “Toxins,” a category for techniques that can poison your email marketing efforts, and “Traps,” which you should be mindful of falling into.

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This updated Email Marketing Periodic Table adds several new items and a new “Compliance” category that looks at recent and current developments related to state laws, inclusion and more. We’ve also changed the wording to use safe and block lists, terms that are inclusive and respectful to all.

Digital marketing is as much an art as it is a science. We hope this tool will serve as an indispensable aid to your experiments.

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