The Mess We Miss: Pepsi Dives Deep Into Pre-Pandemic Nostalgia In 2021


Pepsi debuts “The Mess We Miss,” a nostalgic film about all the beautiful, and messy, moments we all yearn to go back to.

Set to the tune of the Broadway classic “Tomorrow” from Annie, the spot depicts an optimistic future where we can return to some of life’s most enjoyable (and often times messy) moments – even the ones we never thought we’d yearn for again.

“The Mess We Miss” is a compilation of celebratory moments – often instigated by Pepsi – that once sparked joy, unexpectedly put a smile on your face, and encouraged you to celebrate like no one was watching. As case numbers continue to fall, public and private leaders around the country are updating guidelines, lifting restrictions, and providing more safe and responsible ways for people to be out and socializing. “The Mess We Miss” reflects this transition, projecting an air of hope and optimism through moments and events we sometimes took for granted. It’s a hopeful image of our future, inspired by our past.

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Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing, Pepsi said in a statement:

“Looking back at life before the pandemic, it’s easy to feel nostalgic remembering social occasions that brought together family and friends like sporting events, weddings, and concerts. Even though now those moments might look a bit messy, this familiar past also represents an optimistic future we can all hope to achieve as we look to get to the other side. While nobody knows what our ‘new normal’ will look like, we believe that a life filled with these carefree moments of unapologetic enjoyment is one we can all aspire to.”

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“The Mess We Miss” was created by VaynerMedia and is set de debut on national television this week.

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