This Chrome Extension Turns Subtitles On When You Are Eating Chips


We all know it: eating chips can make it very difficult to watch a video. But there is a solution: “Lay’s Crispy Subtitles.”

Watching a video is one of the best time to enjoy some delicious crispy chips (or crisps for our UK friends.) But here is the thing: the crispier the chips, the more difficult it becomes to watch a video. You get why.

But now, thanks to Lay’s and Happiness Saigon, a creative agency from Vietnam, there is a solution. “Lay’s Crispy Subtitles” is a new Chrome extension, available everywhere, that automatically turns on subtitles on YouTube when the sound of crispiness is detected.

To make this possible, the agency created an AI that fed of 178 hours of audio recordings of people eating chips. Lay’s even went all the way to record people eating chips all over the world, just in case localization would affect how people chew.

The result is a perfectly working Google Chrome extension that can automatically turn on subtitles on YouTube. Now you can enjoy your videos, and your chips at the same time. Even more so, when you are not alone!

This is a fun execution from Lay’s and you too can download the “Lay’s Crispy Subtitles” extension today!

Here is how it works:

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