TikTok Publishes New Marketing Guide for SMBs in 2021

As part of its broader Small Business Month initiative, in which the company aims to highlight the benefits of the platform for SMBs and promote smaller operators to the app, TikTok published new marketing...
text-to-speech voice on TikTok

New Text-To-Speech Voice On TikTok In 2021 And Users Really Dislike It

TikTok users woke up to some disturbing news: their beloved text-to-speech voice on TikTok suddenly had a new and much more upbeat alternative. From all the TikTok features, text-to-speech voice on TikTok has been a...

TikTok Announces Exclusive Audio Experiences In Partnership With SiriusXM And Pandora In 2021

TikTok, SiriusXM, and Pandora have announced a collaboration to bring new audio content across their platforms. TikTok has always been a great place for up-and-coming music artists to reach new audiences, with many of them...
Tiktok Interactive Music Effects

Tiktok Interactive Music Effects In 2021

TikTok interactive music effects for creators, starting with Music Visualizer. Music and sounds are a big part of TikTok and the creativity of its community. Now, to give creators more ways to take advantage of...
TikTok Recruitment Tool

TikTok Recruitment Tool In 2021

TikTok Recruitment Tool: TikTok is reportedly beta testing a new feature that will let employers targeting Gen-Zs, list jobs on its platform. According to a recent report from Axios, TikTok recruitment tool allow employers to...
Warning on TikTok

Warning On TikTok Before You Post Something Inappropriate Or Unkind In 2021

Warning on TikTok: launching two new comment features in a bid to promote kindness among users on its platform. Most people have been going through a tough time during the last year, so we definitely...
New TikTok developer kits

New TikTok Developer Kits Enable Sound Sharing And Log In With TikTok In 2021

New TikTok developer kits that enable sound and music sharing and the integration of TikTok login in other apps. In an effort to grow its developer ecosystem through the TikTok for Developers program, TikTok is...

Social Shorts: Google’s ShopLoop, Instagram Shop overhaul, Snapchat brand pages in 2021

The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed. ShopLoop: Google’s mobile commerce experiment Google’s experimental lab Area 120 is out with a new e-commerce experience for...
Twitter ad engagement

Social Shorts: Twitter ad engagement drops, Snap Minis launch, more brands pause Facebook Ads...

The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed. Twitter ad engagement suffers. Snapchat user gains slow Twitter ad engagement declined along with a steep drop in...
TikTok Lead Generation Ads

TikTok Lead Generation Ads In 2021

TikTok Lead Generation ads to help businesses reach customers and drive acquisition. The feature allows businesses to create seamless interactions with potential customers to turn them into customers. Users respond by filling out a form...

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