TikTok Recruitment Tool In 2021

TikTok Recruitment Tool

TikTok Recruitment Tool: TikTok is reportedly beta testing a new feature that will let employers targeting Gen-Zs, list jobs on its platform.

According to a recent report from Axios, TikTok recruitment tool allow employers to post jobs on its platform.

TikTok Recruitment Tool – housed on an external website accessible via the TikTok app – will target Gen-Z users, who can opt to apply to a listed job by sending a short TikTok style video resume. The job positions listed will be mainly entry-level.

Axios reports that TikTok has been recently approaching a selected number of brands and is currently testing the service in beta with a group of companies.

Back in March, The Washington Post noted that Gen Zs are increasingly using TikTok for career discussions.

As Jena McGregor writes, “TikTok, widely known for 15-second videos of cranberry juice-drinking skateboarders and group dance challenges, is fast emerging as a force in the job search ecosystem at a time when unemployment remains high, a new generation looks for their first jobs, and pandemic isolation leads to hours of mindless scrolling.”

If this feature makes it out of beta, we could see a change in job application standards and common practices: the mere accessibility of the format so familiar to Gen-Zs can easily redirect trends and standards for job applications, normalizing the use of video resumes as a preferential job application practice.

TikTok is reportedly beta testing a new feature that will let employers targeting Gen-Zs list jobs on its platform.

On the downside, as anyone who was old enough to job hunt in the mid-2000s and had just recently discovered Facebook can tell you – would you really want your future employer to assess you based on your TikToks?

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