How to Post on Instagram from a PC or Mac (4 Methods)

Learn how to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac to save time and give yourself more flexibility. What social media manager wouldn't want that? Tired...

72 Free Instagram Story Templates (And How to Use Them)

A collection of free Instagram Story templates to make your content look cool and eye-catching, even if you're not a professional designer. Want your brand’s Instagram Stories...

Social Media in Higher Education: 6 Essential Tips

As Gen Z becomes college aged, establishing a presence on social media has never been more important for higher education institutions. Using social media in higher education...

Instagram Automation Tools, Software, and Tips to Do It Right

Learn about legitimate Instagram automation strategies and save time automating routine daily tasks, without resorting to fake engagement and bots. Instagram automation is one of those topics...

How to Use Twitter for Business: A Practical Guide

Learn how to use Twitter to successfully promote your business and build an engaged community. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gone from a punchline about...

How to Write a Social Media Policy (Free Template + Examples)

A social media policy is a document that outlines how an organization and its employees should conduct themselves online. A social media policy is a crucial tool...

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers (the Real Way)

Getting more free YouTube subscribers is the best way to maximize your organic reach on the second-largest website in the world. If your goal is to make...
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16 Ways to Promote Your “Boring” Brand or Product on Social Media

It’s not a product or service that makes something “boring,” it’s branding and marketing. Learn how to create engaging social content, even if you're in an industry with a boring reputation. Twenty years ago, if...

How to Use TikTok: Beginners Start Here

Find out how to use TikTok, from setting up an account and navigating the platform to using the app's most popular editing features. Okay, it’s official: you...

NPS: What is a Net Promoter Score and Why Should You Care?

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a quick and easy way of assessing customer loyalty. Learn why calculating one makes sense for your business. Word of mouth...

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