Twitter Launches Updates ‘Agency Playbook’ to Guide Marketers on Tweet Ads Best Practices

Agency Playbook

Twitter has released an updated version of its Agency Playbook, which provides a detailed overview of how to create effective Twitter ad campaigns, including new usage information, revised ad specifications, case studies, examples and more.

Twitter released the first version of its 2019 Agency Playbook, and the new version includes the latest Twitter features and statistics to provide further insight into changing user behavior.

You can download the 41-page guide (with email sign-up) here, but in this post we’ll cover some key elements.

First, Twitter provides a number of insights into how people are currently using the platform and what they are looking for from brands on the app. Twitter notes that ad views are on the rise overall, and younger users are increasingly turning to Twitter to communicate on key issues.

Agency Playbook

This provides more opportunities – while Twitter also notes that 79% of its users follow brand profiles, highlighting the potential for connection and awareness.

The guide provides a number of key best practices based on these statistics, including basic guidelines for crafting compelling tweets.

Agency Playbook

Note the hashtag guidelines – over the past year, Twitter has been actively advising brands to avoid overusing hashtags and, in many cases, even suggesting not to use them at all. Experimentation will help provide more guidance on this aspect.

Twitter also says brands should include relevant CTAs in their posts, maintain a consistent tone and voice, and establishing a posting cadence will also help improve your presence on the platform.

“We recommend 2-3 tweets a day for organic posts and 3-5 tweets a week for paid campaigns for a healthy start.

So you don’t have to go crazy with tweets, but maintaining a regular schedule of updates is another key to building your audience.

The Playbook also includes detailed instructions on how to build your Twitter campaigns, including an overview of each element of your reach.

Agency Playbook

In addition, the book has a bunch of notes on best practices for advertising on Twitter, a must-read for anyone who wants to get the most out of their efforts.

Agency Playbook

The Playbook also includes case studies and examples, as well as practice templates, and there’s even a calendar of tips for scheduling tweets.

Agency Playbook

There’s a lot packed into 41 pages, and if you’re serious about Twitter marketing, it’s worth downloading the guide and reading the accompanying notes. Even if you’re sure you know everything about effective Twitter strategies, there will be some pointers and details here to help you come up with new angles for your approach.

You can download the updated “Twitter Agency Playbook” guide here.

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