Clubhouse Acquisition By Twitter Is Possible in 2021?

Clubhouse Acquisition

Possibility of Clubhouse Acquisition By Twitter: deal value of around $4 billion, according to reports from Bloomberg.

The talks around a Twitter Clubhouse acquisition occurred recently, but they came to an end without a deal being made.

When Clubhouse really started growing, I made a personal bet that they would soon be the new Meerkat. As it happens, it could have become the new Periscope.

Clubhouse Acquisition by Twitter? Let me explain.

If you remember, Meerkat was one of the pioneers of live streaming. But then Facebook took an interest in it, built its own live streaming features, and well, Meerkat disappeared. The other early player in live streaming, Periscope, faced a different fate as it was acquired by Twitter and went on to exist while Twitter developed its own live feature.

So I was not that surprised when most of the “usual” platforms announced some sort of Clubhouse competitor: Twitter has Spaces, Facebook is testing Hotline and LinkedIn is currently working on theirs.

But today, news came out from Bloomberg that Twitter had actually held talks with Clubhouse around a potential $4 billion acquisition. That did not happen it seems, as Bloomberg also reported that Clubhouse was seeking to raise a new round of funding at a valuation of around $4 billion, showing a change in strategy to pursue securing additional capital in exchange for equity investment.

A better answer would likely be that Twitter decided to give Twitter Spaces a go.

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