Twitter for web returns after major outage on Wednesday in 2021

Twitter for web returns

Twitter for web returns: For several hours Wednesday night, Twitter’s Web service worldwide suffered a serious outage, preventing users from viewing tweets and other content. The problem began around 10 p.m. ET, and it took the company nearly three hours to fix it. Twitter’s mobile app appeared to be unaffected.

Twitter support acknowledged the problem at 10:52 p.m. ET, saying: “Profile tweets may not be loading for some of you online, and we are currently working to fix the problem. Thank you for staying with us!”

Another message followed at 11:38 a.m. ET, saying that tweets “should now be visible in profiles, but other parts of Twitter for the web may not load for you,” adding, “We are still working to get things back to normal.”

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Finally, after about an hour, he said: “Ahhhh, we’re back. Twitter for the Web should be working as expected. Sorry for the outage!”.

While it’s good news for the Twitter user community that the service is working normally again, the San Francisco-based company has yet to reveal the cause of the problem.

The glitch meant that anyone who accessed the Twitter account’s web page received a message saying, “Something went wrong. Try rebooting,” but the same message appeared when the instruction was followed.

Unfortunately, users who tried to get more information from Twitter support online received the same response, and the rest of the page was devoid of content. At this point, users who were able to switch to the Twitter mobile app likely did so, as it was working as usual.

As might be expected, disgruntled users quickly turned to other online services to complain about the problem. One wrote, “Disappearing tweets? Anyone else?” and another suggested that some people would “move to other social media platforms like they used to,” adding, “Twitter is like a garbage can, if it goes out, garbage goes everywhere.” Another remarked, “So, who spilled coffee on the Twitter server?”

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Of course, most popular online services experience problems from time to time, and this wasn’t the first time Twitter had experienced what appeared to be a major outage. Various technical problems have put it out of action before, but the company usually responds quickly and assures users that it is working to fix the problem.

Digital Trends has contacted Twitter for information about Wednesday’s problem, and we will update this article when we get a response.

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