Twitter Tests Making Spaces More Prominent In Its Mobile App In 2021


Twitter has begun testing a new design for its mobile app, in which the Twitter Spaces button takes center stage in the bottom navigation bar.

According to a recent TechCrunch report, Twiter is starting to roll out a new design for its iOS app to focus on Spaces, its new Clubhouse-like audio chat feature, and place the Spaces button in the center of the app’s bottom navigation bar – between the Search and Notifications tabs.

According to the report, this will not be a full rollout, as Twitter will be testing the new feature with “about 500 people from the initial Spaces beta test.” In addition, the new Spaces discovery tab will display the spaces posted by users you follow.

However, they will not be displayed as they are at the top of the timeline. Instead, the discovery tab will give Spaces “a more visual format, similar to the promotional cards that appear when you tweet about upcoming Spaces,” the report explains.

Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated spot to spot Spaces, so the new tab will help change that.

Reverse-engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong already tweeted last month about the platform’s intention to expand the use and purpose of Spaces with a new tab and dedicated page.

The new Spaces discovery tab takes users to a dedicated page featuring all the latest audio chats organized by the people and brands you follow. Each space is presented in a card-like format with more detail and functionality than the navy-style presentation we’ve seen so far.

This enhanced visual format is designed to accommodate details about active chats, such as names, hosts and members who are already contacts. In addition, users can manage reminders of scheduled Spaces they would like to visit and customize preferences for those Spaces they are most interested in.

The redesign means that Spaces will soon be easier to discover, schedule and visit. But it also shows that Twitter is taking a big step forward in terms of increased access and ease of use.

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