Twitter Asks Twitter To Summarize 2020 In One Word

2020 In One Word

Twitter took Twitter by storm by asking users to describe 2020 in one word. The tweet generated over 120,000 replies.

How would you describe 2020?

No-one knows Twitter better than Twitter. But who could have predicted that a simple four-letter tweet could generate over 120,000 replies, 120,000 retweets, and have nearly 150,000 people tweeting about it?

It all started on Thursday, December 3rd when the official @twitter account asked its followers to describe “2020 in one word:”

The rest has become history. Thousands of users got involved, and dozens of world-famous brands joined in in the best fashion: by bringing the funniest and most realistic bad experience in their own universe, all in one word.

From YouTube’s “unsubscribe” to Adobe’s “Ctrl + Z” and LEGO’s very truthful “Ouch” alongside a LEGO block, here are some of our favorite brand replies:

2020 has been a horrible year, but at least we’ve all kept our sense of humor. That has to be something.

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