Twitter Tests New Notifications for Locked or Suspended Accounts

Twitter Tests New Notifications

Twitter tests new notifications of fines imposed on accounts, with new prompts that will be displayed to some affected users every time they open the app.

As you can see here, as part of this testing, if your account ever gets blocked, you will be shown a new notification at the top of your timeline clearly indicating this so there are no unexpected surprises when you want to tweet or access your account features.

As Twitter explained:

“Knowing where your account stands is very important. We’re testing a new way to let you know – right when you log in. If your account is blocked or suspended, some of you will start seeing a banner letting you know.”

Additional transparency measures can help reduce confusion about this issue, as well as serve as a reminder of how long the suspension has been in effect, without having to manually search for that information. The explanations here also clearly describe what each penalty means, as well as provide a link to the process for appealing suspensions.

Twitter is working to increase the transparency of its restriction and penalty processes by providing more clarification on what exactly happened in each case and what options users have in response.

Twitter Tests New Notifications

Last November, Twitter added new explanations for tweets that violated political rules, COVID-19 rules, and rules about synthetic and manipulated media, and earlier this month it also began providing more information about some tweets that had been verified for accuracy or otherwise raised concerns.

Twitter is also working on a new Security Center, which will be accessible through the Twitter menu and will provide users with a complete overview of all reports and strikes that are currently available on their account.

Each measure is consistent with Twitter’s broader efforts to be more transparent and help users understand its specific rules and processes to reduce frustration in the process.

It certainly won’t stop people annoyed about being blocked or suspended, but providing more information and more direct hints can help users better understand the situation and provide less confusion about what happened and what their options might be.

It won’t satisfy everyone, but more understanding is usually better, and it can reduce annoyance with this process and deter users from repeated violations.

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