Twitter Is Preparing To Launch A New Ticketed Spaces Feature in 2021

Ticketed Spaces Feature

In a bid to help creators monetize their Twitter Spaces, Twitter is preparing to launch a new Ticketed Spaces feature in the next few weeks.

Just days after announcing that anyone with over 600 followers can now host and schedule Spaces, Twitter is previewing a new monetization feature – Ticketed Spaces.

US users will be able to host Ticketed Spaces first, however, they will need to apply to be included in the test group.

Ticketed Spaces allow users 18 and above, who have at least 1,000 followers and have hosted at least 3 spaces in the last month, to add tickets to their Spaces and earn up to 80% of the revenue from ticket sales – after Apple and Google’s cut is deducted, of course.

Payments will be handled by Stripe, but Twitter says it will cover the platform’s transaction fees.


Ticketed Spaces is only one of the features Twitter has been working on to help users monetize their presence on its platform – and Spaces in particular.

Among others, the platform is also planning a Super Follows feature that will let users monetize newsletter subscriptions and premium content.

Twitter Is Preparing To Launch A New Ticketed Spaces Feature

In other news, Twitter says it is also working on co-hosted Spaces as well. We have no indication of when this might roll out but can assume it will be soon.

Twitter has been working fast to take advantage of the audio chat trend. It is now probably the biggest competitor that breakout app Clubhouse has in the space it made popular.

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