Virgin creates flying ice-cream van in 2021

Virgin creates flying ice-cream van

Virgin creates flying ice-cream van: This pop-up is part of the Virgin Red loyalty program campaign.

Virgin Red: Customers will be able to visit an ice cream truck held up by red balloons.

Virgin is celebrating its Virgin Red loyalty program with a levitating ice cream truck on the South Shore.

The one-day event, which takes place July 14, is inspired by the brand’s “Whatever blows your bubble” commercial created by Glow London and Truant London. The commercial depicts a woman blowing a bubble of bubble gum so big it flies up in the air.

The van, which appears to be held up by red balloons, will have a 15-foot-high ladder that guests who want to eat ice cream can climb. The ice cream offered will have individual options in the form of various red toppings, ranging from sweet sprinkles to paprika breadcrumbs, chili flakes and ketchup.

The commercial features a cover version of the 1980s band Nena’s hit “99 Red Balloons,” and Virgin Red will play the song throughout the day to highlight the winning moments. In keeping with the song, 99 people will be selected to win prizes, including Virgin Points that can be used on Virgin Atlantic flights, monthly Virgin Wines supplies and tickets to the show.

The promotion is part of a multimedia campaign called “Find What Blows Your Bubble.” It covers television, video-on-demand, social and digital advertising. The Persuaders is partnering with One Green Bean for the activation.

Kelly Best, director of marketing for Virgin Red, said: “This summer we wanted to bring to life what the rewards really revolve around Virgin Red members, creating a truly unique experience on London’s South Bank inspired by our new film, Find What Will Blow Your Bubble.”

“From sausage rolls to spaceport excursions, Virgin Red offers more than 150 wonderful rewards and experiences that you’ll love, so a better way to showcase that than with a summer ice cream extravaganza that can not only be customized but made truly memorable.”

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