Google TV Announces New Celeb ‘Watch With Me’ Series

Watch With Me

A new “Watch With Me” series created by celebrities and now available on Google TV gives viewers a peek into celebrity watch lists.

Google TV is working with artists, artists and cultural icons to create a new series called Watch With Me, in which celebrities talk about their viewing lists and which movies and shows have shaped and inspired their creative identities.

The series begins with a selection of screen offerings curated by Emmy-nominated actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox.

On the show, Cox says she’s a big fan of being on the other side of the camera, “I still watch television and movies as a way to learn, to escape, to be touched, to laugh, to cry. My list of films is all about who I am and everything that has shaped me or helped me understand myself better,” she says.

In addition, the series takes viewers on a tour of the films that have inspired celebrities in their careers and personal lives, and introduces them to films and shows that are often overlooked on Google TV.

Finally, the format looks at the viewing lists of various celebrities and includes interviews with them about how they personally relate to the movie-watching experience.

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