WhatsApp Is Rolling Out WhatsApp Shopping Button Globally in 2021

WhatsApp shopping button

The new WhatsApp shopping button makes it easier for you to browse a brand’s catalogs of goods and services.

Last month, WhatsApp announced it would increase its investment in three key business verticals on its platform: Facebook hosting services, business sales, and shopping.

Today WhatsApp started rolling out its new WhatsApp shopping button to all users globally. The new feature makes it easier for users who want to browse through a brand’s catalogs of goods and services, without the need to first click through to their business profile.

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WhatsApp shopping button looks like a storefront icon and has begun to replace the voice calls button in the app’s interface (top-right corner of your screen.) When it is shown, it indicates that the business has a catalog and is enabling one-tap access to it.

Over 175 million people message WhatsApp business accounts every day, and over 40 million view catalogs every month, according to a statement by WhatsApp. The company also cited a recent survey that found that two out of three international respondents were more likely to do business with a company that they can contact directly via messaging.

WhatsApp shopping button will be available for all users. And while it replaces the voice call button on the screen, users can still start voice calls via the call button, and then choose between video and voice.

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