Wright Brand Released A 19-Minute Record Of Sizzling Bacon Beats

Bacon Beats

The “Bacon Beats” record contains 19 minutes and 22 seconds of sizzling bacon sound, a tribute to the founding of the Wright brand in 1922.

I’ve always said the world needs more bacon and music.

Agree, nothing beats the smell of bacon frying in the morning. The Wright brand thinks the sound of sizzling bacon on a hot frying pan can be just as enticing.

So they hired Ogilvy to create a high-quality recording of that sound on vinyl.

The “Bacon Beats” record contains 19 minutes and 22 seconds of recording of the sound of sizzling bacon. This length was chosen as a tribute to the brand’s founding in 1922. The side of the record also features actual interviews with Wright Brand employees. The interviews were conducted at a bacon plant in Vernon, Texas.

Ogilvy then turned to TikTok to promote the record by sending it out to TikTok music producers, who were encouraged to use “Bacon Beats” and the interviews in their creative work. Ogilvy also created a full-length YouTube video that showed bacon frying in a pan and the record spinning on a split screen.

Wright Brand also took advantage of Music Store Day on July 17 to ship records to independent record stores across the U.S., including Josey Records and Music in Dallas, A-1 Records in New York and the Port of Sound Record Shoppe in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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