TrueView: Youtube brings products to YouTube for action ads in 2021

YouTube is continuing to make more ads more shoppable. YouTube says the number of advertisers using TrueView for action, the ads designed for performance advertisers with calls-to-action, increased by more than 260% last year. Now...
Female YouTuber

Top 25 Female YouTubers with More Than 1 Million Subscribers

YouTube has emerged as one of the largest platforms for sharing video content. And with many YouTubers getting millions of views and subscribers, they have now become celebrities in their own rights. But, when we...
TV ad

COVID is accelerating TV advertising’s transformation into an addressable medium in 2021

"They come for the targeting and stay for the attribution," says's CEO about CTV. When it comes to TV ad targeting and attribution, Connected TV (CTV) beats traditional TV in every way. From an...
Google Search

Home activities structured data now supported by Google Search in 2021

Google just added new search development documents for this structured data type. Google has added new search developer documentation for the home activities structured data. Home activities structured data is primarily to be used for...
Google Ads

Google Ads intros automated Insights, Performance Max campaigns, to release Video Action out of...

The new products and features are further indication of Google's machine learning goals. Google ads introduced more automation features and campaign types as part of Advertising Week Tuesday. The announcements speak to what has been...
YouTube attribution

Google Ads – YouTube Attribution fold, expands data-driven attribution to more advertisers in 2021

Conversion Lift is also now in beta for YouTube campaigns. Google has added YouTube in its Google Ads attribution reporting and is making its data-driven attribution model available to more advertisers. These were among the...
James Bond

These 22 James Bond Films Can Be Streamed For Free On Youtube

YouTube has made 20 James Bond films available to stream for free on its platform. Will that help fans wait for the new film, “No Time to Die,” which was pushed back to April...
Growing on YouTube

Growing on YouTube: How to Develop a Loyal Following in 2021

Growing on YouTube: Want to develop a loyal YouTube following? Wondering how to better connect with an audience on YouTube? To explore how to grow and develop a loyal fan base on YouTube, I interview...
optimize your YouTube videos

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Google Search Visibility in 2021

Are you using YouTube to grow your business? Wondering how to get your videos in front of more people? In this article, you’ll discover how to optimize your YouTube videos for more visibility in Google...
Live Video Strategy

Live Video Strategy: How to Improve Your Facebook and YouTube Results in 2021

Want to use live video more strategically? Looking for tips to guide your live video strategy across Facebook and YouTube? In this article, you’ll discover three goals live video can help you achieve, and find...

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