YouTube Small Biz Day In 2021

YouTube Small Biz Day

As part of Google’s International Small Business Week, YouTube is hosting its first-ever YouTube Small Biz Day in the US and Canada.

According to a small business survey conducted by YouTube last year, 72% of small businesses in the US declared that YouTube helped them boost their online presence. To celebrate and support those and other small businesses, YouTube Small Biz Day – an entire day dedicated to helping businesses grow on its platform.

The event, hosted by the founder and face of Blogilate, Cassey Ho, will start on June 24 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET on the Google for Small Business Channel, and will also feature creators from a small selection of small business owners, like Molly Burke, Erin on Demand, and TheDomesticGeek, who will contribute with their experiences and success.

Among other things, the event will feature a number of videos, presentations, a workshop, and even a live shopping experience. You can already check out the program for the day event on the YouTube Small Biz Day site.

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In addition to the above, YouTube is also introducing a new way for busy small business owners to set up video ad campaigns, quickly, by adding a video, choosing a target audience, campaign budget, and duration. Results from the campaign will be easily monitored on desktop and mobile.

YouTube is hosting its first-ever Small Biz Day in the US and Canada, as part of Google’s International Small Business Week.

The new feature comes after YouTube introduced Video Builder last year – a free and easy-to-use tool with which small businesses can create a video out of just two images and a logo.

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