YouTube feature experiments

YouTube feature experiments with automated lists of products detected in videos in 2021

Plus, enabling YouTube video playback directly within Twitter may help content creators get more views. Google is testing a new YouTube feature that automatically detects products in videos and displays them, and related products, to...
parallel tracking for Video ads

Google to transition to parallel tracking for Video ads by April 30

Marketers should check with click tracking providers to ensure data continuity. Google announced today that the deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video ad campaigns is April 30. Parallel tracking for Search campaigns took effect...
YouTube Ads Targeting

YouTube Ads Targeting: What Marketers Need to Know in 2021

Want to use YouTube ads to sell your products? Wondering how to get your ad in front of the right audiences? To explore YouTube ads targeting, I interview Aleric Heck on the Social Media Marketing...
YouTube Select

YouTube Select: YouTube’s new premium advertising program adds connected TV targeting in 2021

Brand advertisers will be able to target TV screen viewing for the first time. YouTube has relaunched its premium advertising program, now called YouTube Select. The company made the announcement ahead of its Brandcast upfront...
YouTube attribution

Google Ads – YouTube Attribution fold, expands data-driven attribution to more advertisers in 2021

Conversion Lift is also now in beta for YouTube campaigns. Google has added YouTube in its Google Ads attribution reporting and is making its data-driven attribution model available to more advertisers. These were among the...
YouTube Video Ads

How to Create YouTube Video Ads That Convert in 2021

Want to advertise on YouTube? Wondering how to create YouTube ads that work? To explore how to create YouTube ads that convert, I interview Tom Breeze on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Tom is a YouTube...
YouTube add user controls to limit alcohol

Google, YouTube add user controls to limit alcohol, gambling ads in 2021

The new feature will launch on YouTube in the U.S. first. Google is adding new user controls for alcohol and gambling ads. The new feature, announced Thursday, will launch first on YouTube in the U.S....
TV ad

COVID is accelerating TV advertising’s transformation into an addressable medium in 2021

"They come for the targeting and stay for the attribution," says's CEO about CTV. When it comes to TV ad targeting and attribution, Connected TV (CTV) beats traditional TV in every way. From an...
Growing on YouTube

Growing on YouTube: How to Develop a Loyal Following in 2021

Growing on YouTube: Want to develop a loyal YouTube following? Wondering how to better connect with an audience on YouTube? To explore how to grow and develop a loyal fan base on YouTube, I interview...
YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts: The Opportunity for Creators and Businesses in 2021

Have you heard of YouTube Shorts? Wondering how to use shorts on YouTube for business? In this article, you’ll discover what YouTube shorts are and how marketers can take advantage of this new content type...

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